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A Guide to Mother's Day (or any holiday for that matter)

A Guide to Mother's Day (or any holiday for that matter)

Every year on Mother's Day we shower the Mama's in our lives with flowers, candy, and hallmark cards from the littles. While this may seem heartfelt and sweet, it can feel quite opposite. It doesn't take much thought to stop by the store and pick up a couple of items. Listen, I do not mean to sound ungrateful, I am truly happy with any way my family wants to show their love. However, this year made me realize that there are certain things that truly matter and made me feel appreciated. They went above and beyond and I couldn't feel more blessed.

It is second nature for most women to give sentimental presents. My hope is that this may shed some light on how to turn an ordinary holiday into an extraordinary one. Of course, this will not apply to all women. Some may think I am crazy! This is not your guide ;)

  • Take the kids out of the house in the morning I can't sleep-in knowing my family is up and about. Mr. Feef's was trying to come in to my bedroom while the husband is yelling at him to stay away. As much as I love the effort, I just can't continue my beauty sleep with all the commotion. So my suggestion is taking them out of the house. Whether it is heading to the backyard, out for a walk, or getting breakfast. Mama will have an easier time resting if there are no disturbances. Even if it's an extra 30 minutes than she normally gets. Remember we are light sleepers - we could hear a fly land on our pillow!

  • Anything that allows me to get pampered TODAY
    I know some Mama's get mani/pedi's on the regular. I am not one of them! They are expensive and take time away from my family. This can be extremely difficult with two littles. So, how amazing would it be to wake up, 30 minutes later than normal and hear "Hey babe, I have made you a nail appointment at the local salon. Go jump in the shower, shave your legs, and go get that pedicure!" Um.. Hell Yeah!

  • Fill up my car with gas and have it detailed This can be a huge undertaking for us Mama's. Little Miss does not love the car or her carseat so she is usually a ticking time bomb. I don't have time to didly dadly around. I tend to push my limits and hope I remember to stop for gas before my appointment (we always have somewhere to be!) It would be heavenly to turn on the car and watch the needle go all the way to F :) It would be even better if the inside of my car wasn't covered in a sticky substance along with an odor... I am actually not sure what it is or where it's coming from!?! There are certain things you just don't want to know. The Husband went above and beyond to clean my car. He used his very own blood, sweat, and tears to make sure it was in tip top shape.

  • Have the house cleaned I know for me, it is much easier to relax when my house is clean. If there is a bunch of clutter and crap I will feel obligated to pick it up before I can actually enjoy myself. It was really hard to sit and watch The Husband clean the house, I kept trying to help him! I do this every day so I am much faster. I could tell this was getting on his nerves. So it may be better for all parties involved (if you can swing the money) to have someone come in the day before and get it all done while you're out.

  • Anything made by my children I am blessed to celebrate this holiday because of them. I love everything they create. Please shower me with handprinted crafts, macaroni necklaces that will bleed onto my skin, and misspelled cards. I will cherish these gifts forever. One day they will be giving me store bought cards and flowers. For now, let me enjoy their sincere love.

These are just some ideas that shouldn't break the bank but will fill the heart. Mama's have a job that is mentally and physically challenging. Anything that can alleviate either of those will be thoroughly appreciated. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

<3 Chewy Mama

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