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Baby-Wearin' Mama

Baby-Wearin' Mama

I love, love, LOVE seeing parents wearing their littles. The baby always looks so happy and mom or dad is hands free conquering the world. Hell yeah! Sign me up!
I had a generic baby carrier with Mr.Feefs so like everything else, I did some research and decided to do better with Little Miss!

I thought the wraps were beautiful so I registered for a Boba Wrap. To my delight, I got one! Unfortunately the boba wasn't the best fit for us. I am 4'11 and it was just too long and awkward for me despite my best efforts.

What to buy, what to buy? I was in search for a new carrier so I asked around and it was a toss up between the Tula and Lillebaby. To be completely honest, once I started looking, it didn't take long for me to decide which one was going to be best for us. You can wear the Lillebaby 6 different ways without an infant insert, and it has an incredible lumbar support! When deciding on a carrier, these three things are key! Most carriers only allow the baby to face inward and outward sometimes they will throw in a back carry option as well. However, NONE of them can be worn all the ways like a Lille. I will admit now that I have been wearing Little Miss for 3 months, I am a Lillesnob. Anytime I see a Mama wearing another carrier, I secretly want to whisk her away and show her the ways of Lillebaby. They really are so fantastic.

The Oh-So Beautiful Lillebaby They come in an array of fabrics and patterns, I wish I could #ownallthelilles! So far, I have the Airflow in Frosted Rose and Embossed in Black Noir. I decided on the airflow because wearing a baby is hot. It also doesn't help the fact that I live in Texas and summer temperatures started in January! The airflow is the lightest carrier with the embossed coming in 2nd. The airflow is made up of a cushiony mesh so Mama and baby stay as cool as possible. This is perfect for everyday wear. I especially love it when we go to the park, zoo, or playdates for Mr. Feefs. The embossed is velvety smooth and oh so chic. It is such a pretty accessory just like a name brand handbag. It catches attention everywhere I go. So I wear it to more formal events or when I wanna feel fancy.

The fit It took a little adjusting when I put it on. There are several straps to play with to get the perfect fit. I belong to a great baby-wearing group on facebook called LilleLove along with the official Lillebaby group. It is such a fun community and extremely helpful. If you post a picture of you wearing your baby on Lillelove, we can help with fit checks so you are not alone trying to figure it out. There are also several youtube videos that can help. It is very important for you and baby to get the right fit. You always want to make sure your belt is parallel to the ground, baby has a C-shape to their spine, and the back strap is where your bra strap goes. Those three tips will help you and baby have a great wearing experience.

Where to get started Most large cities seem to have a lending library where you can try on and check out many different carriers. Most carriers are pricey, so I would suggest finding a local library to try out before you purchase one! Everyone has different preferences, including your baby. Some babies do not like facing a certain direction and some do no like being carried at all. I decided to dive in head first. I was lazy and did not want to go through trying on different carriers. So when I got my Lillebaby and Little Miss would fuss every time she was in it, I panicked. I just bought this expensive carrier... my husband is going to be pissed. So, I took it one day at a time. I would throw her in to check the mail, or to walk around the house. Little by little she and I got a good groove going. Now, its love! She falls asleep almost instantly. It has been such a blessing and I immediately regret anytime I don't have it with me.

When do you use the carrier? ALL.THE.TIME I am not kidding. I use it for everything outside of the house. When I go shopping, to the post office, and play dates. I have tried to just take the car seat but that is such a pain. I hate lugging it around. It takes up the entire buggy so how the heck can I get any groceries?!? Which, my pocketbook might appreciate that! Seriously though, I have no idea how I managed to get Mr. Feefs around. Such a pain! There have been times, especially during Little Miss's 4th leap, that I used my Lille at home. She refused to be put down so instead of sitting on my butt with her, I was able to get some chores done around the house while we snuggled. I have short T-Rex arms so there are things I just cannot do while wearing. I cannot do dishes, make most meals on the stove, or put laundry in the washer/dryer. I can sweep, mop, vaccumm, and fold clothes (it's still awkward though). When we're able to side or back carry, it will open so many opportunities! Yay for more cleaning! (part excitement part sarcasm)

The company is amazing, they have exciting mystery sales, post scavenger hunts across the country, and show a great appreciation for their customers. The carriers are well made and hold their resale value. So, if for some reason it isn't love for you and your little, you can sell it for close to what you paid.

I will say, just because I love Lillebaby, does not mean you will. However, there is a really good chance you will! ;) hehe

Happy Carrying! Hold on to those babies while you can, they're only little once :)

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